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Signature Scent Aromatherapy Spray


The magickal signature scent found inside of Modern Mystic Shop, it's a welcoming and inspiring blend that creates a soothing scent that supports manifestation in all areas.

Modern Mystic Shop sprays are ritualistically made by hand, with organic ingredients by practitioners of magick.

Full Ingredients

Water, witch hazel, organic vegetable glycerin, and an blend of all the organic essential oils contained in every spray


Witch Hazel

Dowsing, Revealing, TruthWitch Hazel is believed to assist in finding lost things and heightening intuition during divination practices.


Mist liberally around your body or space or place of business. This is a combination blend of our Clearing, Abundance, Protection, and Love aromatherapy sprays, so it’s the perfect spray when manifesting in all areas of your life.
Signature Scent Aromatherapy Spray

Signature Scent Aromatherapy Spray



When guests enter our stores they all exclaim, “It smells so good in here!” and they’re right. The combination of all of our delectable essential oil based products creates an intoxicating aroma and an instant state of welcomed relaxation. Luckily, we captured the signature scent of Modern Mystic Shop in a bottle for you to use in your sacred spaces.