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Summer Solstice Ritual Candle


Summer Solstice Candle
Ritualizing the Solar Celebration

The Summer Solstice, observed across diverse cultures for millennia, marks the year's longest day, symbolizing abundance, fertility, vitality, celebration, and community. It's a time to express gratitude to the Sun for its life-sustaining energy.

These profound symbolic themes can be adapted to our individual lives through ritual and intention. The Solstice Line of products aims to tap into the significance of this auspicious day, offering opportunities for personal transformation and growth.

Crafted by skilled practitioners of ritual magick, this limited time Summer Solstice candle serves as the quintessential centerpiece for a powerful solstice ritual.

Use this as a centerpiece to a Summer Solstice altar used to honor and amplify the life affirming power of the Sun. 

Full Ingredients

Cotton wick, GMM-free soy wax, organic coconut oil proprietary blend of organic essential oils, organic botanicals, mica, cross roads dust, encasing a crystal charged under a full moon.


Cross Roads Dust

Road OpeningCross roads dust is used to access the space "between worlds" and to open roads to fulfillment.


This candle is ideal for candle magick rituals. By inscribing your manifestations into the wax while cultivating feelings of abundance and positivity, you imbue the candle with the intention to manifest your desires. Gaze into the flame and recite, “The power of the Sun and I are one. We shine, we align, we move with time,” until you feel empowered, vital, and radiant. Let the candle burn completely.
Summer Solstice Ritual Candle

Summer Solstice Ritual Candle



Summer Solstice Ritual