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Tarot of the Divine

Tarot through ancient mythology


Illustrator Yoshi Yoshitani brings fables, ancient mythologies, and spiritual legends to life on the Major and Minor Arcana cards, inspired by the cultural traditions of China, Japan, Peru, Norway, Persia, England, Greece, Denmark, the Maori tribe of New Zealand, and more. The companion guidebook provides insight into how these fables from around the globe support traditional tarot imagery and themes. A cross-cultural masterpiece with fables from more than 40 countries, this spiritual journey is a worldly experience like no other.

Special Features:
78 card deck with 2.75 x 4.75 inch cards
44-page expanded, full-color guidebook
Stylish and sturdy keepsake box with lifting ribbon and gold foil accents

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Tarot cards have a specific structure of Major and Minor Arcana with suites, numbers, and archetypes that are mostly the same across all decks. Tarot spreads can vary from one card to twelve or more. The easiest way to start reading tarot is to pull one card as the theme of the day, every day to get to know the meanings of how the cards express themselves in day to day life.
Tarot of the Divine

Tarot of the Divine