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The Wild Unknown Tarot

Hand drawn and minimal artwork


Entering The Wild Unknown Tarot is like diving into your own wild, inner landscape to increase your intuition and deepen your understanding of self. Once you start this journey you will be longing to step further into uncharted territories of self-awareness. You will not see people depicted in this deck. Instead she uses elements of nature to explore tarot themes and archetypes.

Designed and written by the inimitable artist, Kim Krans, this third edition comes inside of a keepsake box. The entire bundle includes the third edition of The Wild Unknown tarot deck and the second edition of The Wild Unknown Tarot Guide Book.

Special Features:
78 card deck
200+ page guidebook
Keepsake box with lifting ribbon
New York Times Best Seller

Full Ingredients



Tarot cards have a specific structure of Major and Minor Arcana with suites, numbers, and archetypes that are mostly the same across all decks. Tarot spreads can vary from one card to twelve or more. The easiest way to start reading tarot is to pull one card as the theme of the day, every day to get to know the meanings of how the cards express themselves in day to day life.
The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot



This is the first deck that opened up our founder, Kelley Knight’s, intuition. It was given as a gift and she automatically shifted from reading tarot in an intellectual way to truly intuiting the information. Finding the right deck that can speak to your intuition is the key to taking your readings to the next level.