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Signature Scent Candle

Manifesting desires


This signature scent inside of Modern Mystic Shop, this candle is infused with a blend of a little bit of everything creating a soothing aroma that assists manifestation in all areas. This soy-wax candle melts into a rich, nourishing treatment for your skin, infusing the body with an energy of renewal.

Modern Mystic Shop candles are hand made, hand-poured, and made with high-quality ingredients.

Size: 6 oz

Full Ingredients

Cotton wick, GMM-free soy wax, organic coconut oil, proprietary blend of organic essential oils encasing a crystal charged under the full moon.



Hold the candle and through your hands infuse it with intention. Light the candle to symbolically give a spark to your intention. Ideally, snuff instead of blowing the candle out when complete. Repeat this process every time you light this candle. Once the wax melts, use the crystal as a keepsake of your intention.
Signature Scent Candle

Signature Scent Candle



When guests enter our stores they all exclaim, “It smells so good in here!” and they’re right. The combination of all of our delectable essential oil based products creates an intoxicating aroma and an instant state of welcomed relaxation. Luckily, we captured the signature scent of Modern Mystic Shop in a candle for you to use in your sacred spaces.