Tarot Numerology Workshop

Every year we move into a different energy due to the change in numerology.

In this class Kelley will help the group calculate their personal year number, learn how it applies to a tarot Major Arcana archetype, align the archetype with an affirmation and then learn ways to incorporate the lessons of that archetype into the your year.

There is no tarot reading experience needed and you don't even need to own a deck to participate. 


The zoom link will be sent 15 minutes prior to the class and the replay sent within 24 hours.

Date: 1/11

Time: 7:00 EST

Location: Zoom

Duration: 45 mins to an hour

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Tarot Readings

Our compassionate and experienced tarot readers are available daily for remote readings via Zoom and on the weekends in person in Atlanta.

They aim to give clarity through the tarot and you'll leave feeling uplifted after every session. 

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