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Amethyst + Palo Santo Bundle

Creating peace and calm


Ethically sourced and handmade in Upstate New York by Catherine Rising, these bundles come with amethyst, dried flowers, and palo santo wrapped in vintage ribbon.

Palo Santo deeply cleanses, clears, and settles the energy of your space while the dried flowers infuse a sense of sweetness. The added amethyst fills your space with an energy of peace and calm.

Full Ingredients



Remove amethyst from bundle. Crack doors and windows to allow lower energies to escape. Light the stick until it glows orange and starts to burn. Blow out any flame and allow the stick to smoke. Fill the space with smoke from floor to ceiling, including underneath furniture. Snuff out the stick if it’s still burning and if it stops burning, relight. Shut the windows and fill the space up with positive energy from something like sweetgrass, prayers, chimes, or high vibrational music.
Amethyst + Palo Santo Bundle

Amethyst + Palo Santo Bundle



These bundles are made by hand and with intention in Upstate, NY in partnership with Catherine Rising.