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Black Taper Candle Duo

Creating protection and riddance


Black candles are helpful for aiding regeneration, releasing energies that don't serve you, easing transitions, and providing protection. Light a black candle to create a protective field around ritual and spell work or anytime boundaries—both physical and energetic—are needed.

Use the power of color and intention to create powerful candle magic with these 8" pure beeswax taper candles. The luminescent color and shimmer comes from non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients.

What makes these candles magickal:

Our taper candles are made in partnership with Goddex Apothecary in Rhode Island. Owner Kass Haroun handmakes these candles with a small team using color and plant magic to amplify the power of her products.

She uses fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients in all of her products and works directly with a local apiary to get the organic white beeswax from the source. The wax is never pre-harvested to ensure the safe function of the bee hives.

Before the candles are melted into their final shapes, Kass draws sigils on the wax to infuse them with the energy and intention of the final candles. All of her candles are coated in biodegradable, seaweed-based glitter.

Due to the plant-based dyes used, the candles will lighten.

Full Ingredients

Organic white beeswax, Eco-Dye, Eco-Glitter, Cotton Wick. Fair trade and ethically sourced. The wax is never pre-harvested to ensure the safe function of the bee hives.



Taper candles can be used to illuminate an altar or for ritual and spell casting purposes. For a quick ritual, choose the taper candle color that aligns with your intention. Feel the emotion of your intention and carve descriptive words into the wax. If desired, anoint the candle with oil and herbs to enhance the intention. Light the candle and let it burn through.
Black Taper Candle Duo

Black Taper Candle Duo



While doing ritual work with spirits and deities, our founder Kelley Knight, noticed the power of the connection with these energies was stronger when using beeswax. It is her belief that because the candles were made for organic materials from a living creature it holds a higher vibrational frequency than plain paraffin wax. That’s why we brought in this line of products.