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Black Tourmaline

Protection and grounding during difficult situations


Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone of purification, cleansing both a space and the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, or feelings of unworthiness. Black Tourmaline is believed to help muscle aches, soothe inflammation, and balance hormones. Use to relieve energetic blocks, alleviate anxiety and stress, and stabilize emotions.

Chakra: Root
Origin: China


Each crystal is wonderfully unique. You will not receive the exact crystal pictured, but one of the same quality and size.

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Crystals have a vibrational frequency that is unique, yet unchanging. The purpose of working with crystals is to allow their energy to subtly shift your personal vibrations to those of the crystal's qualities. When you hold a crystal, it allows the crystal’s vibration to be pumped throughout your aura (or energy field) therefore creating a beneficial effect. You can also place crystals strategically in spaces to have an uplifting effect on the environment and to create an aura of the intention the crystal holds.


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline