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Crystal Grid Flower of Life Laser Cut Wood 8''

Cycle of Creation


Crystal grids generate and enhance the intention you set for the crystals by having them all work together in harmony for a specific goal or desire creating bigger energy than the crystals themselves.

A crystal grid is a pattern of crystals arranged intentionally to amplify their energy and focus it towards a specific goal or intention. To create a crystal grid, you'll typically start with a central crystal representing your main intention, then surround it with other crystals chosen for their supportive properties. These crystals are placed in a geometric pattern, such as a circle, triangle, or flower of life, to enhance their combined energy.

This wooden and engraved crystal grid is 8.5 inches in diameter and features the Flower of Life design.

Full Ingredients



To use a crystal grid, you'll first set your intention clearly in your mind. Then, place the central crystal on a disk with sacred geometry on it. If there isn’t one available you can draw patterns on a piece of paper or cloth. Next, arrange the supporting crystals around the central one in your chosen pattern, while focusing on your intention. You can also activate the grid by using a crystal wand or simply by visualizing energy flowing through the crystals.
Crystal Grid Flower of Life Laser Cut Wood 8''

Crystal Grid Flower of Life Laser Cut Wood 8''