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Intuition Stick Incense

Enhancing the Inner Voice


This blend is both grounding and opening as the deep woodsy notes pair with the ethereal flower essences, mirroring the bridge between the conscious and subconscious minds. This verdant aroma is a perfect choice for use during rituals, tarot reading, journaling, or meditation. Also a beautiful addition to any practice that involves healing, moving deep emotion, or releasing difficult energy.

15 sticks per package. 

Modern Mystic Shop incense is sustainably sourced from the sacred land of Nepal. They are nontoxic, made with essential oil blends and all natural binders.

Full Ingredients

Environmentally-friendly incense sticks made in Nepal using pure essential oil with natural binders.



Light the tip of the incense and allow it to smoke. Blow out the flame and place in an incense burner.
Intuition Stick Incense

Intuition Stick Incense



When our founder, Kelley Knight, discovered that almost 100% of incense contains harmful toxins that are inhaled with use she knew she had to find something natural for sacred practices. She was able to source non-toxic incense made in the holy land of Nepal. Kelley believes that sacred sites hold powerful energy that can be infused into the products made there. So, this incense has an extra layer of spiritual potency.