Mini Mystic Crystal Collection


Clearing | Intuition | Spirit Communication | Grounding | Protection| Balancing

This LIMITED TIME ONLY collection is chock full of powerful crystals Modern Mystics should have in their arsenal. You'll also experience a variety of shapes so you can feel the energy each one provides.

Chakras: All

Origin: Various

Amethyst Sceptre Quartz - The perfect stone for an intuitive empath! Amethyst enhances psychic abilities, creates a protective barrier, and calms the nervous system when you've had enough.

Black Tourmaline Piece - The go-to crystal for grounding and protection. It's a stone of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, or feelings of unworthiness.

Celestite Cluster -When you're ready to connect with your guides and high vibe ancestors, holding celestite in meditation is a straight line to the angelic realms.

Rainbow Fluorite Soothing Stone - Fluorite can help increase concentration, aid in making difficult decisions, and help you learn new things. When you lean on comfort, this stone will help keep you moving.

Selenite Stick - Sensitive folks have to clear their aura like they mean it! Selenite, associated with the moon, is an aura clearing, crown chakra activating wonder stone.

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