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New + Full Moon Ritual Box

For full and new moon rituals


This collection is filled to the brim with powerful tools Modern Mystics can use to harness the power of the moon. You’ll have the tools to plant intentions as The Moon renews herself and witness those intentions grow as The Moon expands to fullness.

Our hope is that you enjoy connecting to the deeply intuitive energies of her cyclical beauty.

CONTENTS: 6 oz New Moon soy candle with quartz, 6 oz Full Moon soy candle with quartz, Full Moon bath bomb, New Moon soak with quartz, ritual incense, white sage, lavender, and selenite bundle + New Moon Ritual Guide

Full Ingredients



This collection of products has the makings of entire new moon and full moon rituals and a detailed instruction booklet that takes you step by step through the process.
New + Full Moon Ritual Box

New + Full Moon Ritual Box



Proudly, 100% of Modern Mystic Shop brand sprays, bath products, candles, and oils are made with organic ingredients that are non-GMM, non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan, and made in the USA in partnership with femme-identifiying or non-binary owned businesses.