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Oracle Aura Quartz

Intuition upgrade especially for witches


Oracle quartz assists in accessing the deepest aspects of intuition and promotes intuitive confidence. It’s the stone perfect for periods of transformation, change, and up-leveling your psychic gifts.

Chakra: Third Eye
Origin: Arkansas

Each crystal is wonderfully unique. You will not receive the exact crystal pictured, but one of the same quality and size.

Full Ingredients



Crystals have a vibrational frequency that is unique, yet unchanging. The purpose of working with crystals is to allow their energy to subtly shift your personal vibrations to those of the crystal's qualities. When you hold a crystal, it allows the crystal’s vibration to be pumped throughout your aura (or energy field) therefore creating a beneficial effect. You can also place crystals strategically in spaces to have an uplifting effect on the environment and to create an aura of the intention the crystal holds.
Oracle Aura Quartz

Oracle Aura Quartz



This crystal was mined in a humane way, with fair wages for the country of origin, and was purchased at a fair price for the cost of living in the region in which they were mined. This crystal is infused with metals and is novel to the crystal industry. Our founder, Kelley Knight, spent time with this stone and through meditation and intuition created their properties.