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Moon Magic Crystal Collection


Use this crystal collection to connect to the soothing and transformative energy of the moon. It's the perfect companion for a New of Full Moon ritual.

Moonstone is a stone connected to the push and pull of lunar energy. It connects us to our own inner knowing and helps enhance our physic abilities, dream recall, and intuition. Palm a moonstone while you meditate during the New and Full Moons as you begin to set your intentions for the next lunar cycle.

Rainbow Moonstone helps connect you to higher energies, to Divine inspiration, to the energies of nature, and greater galactic consciousness.

Selenite is named after the moon, and it is a most fantastic, multi-purposed crystal. It helps in meditation to connect with higher realms and connecting to lunar energy.

Clear Quartz is capable of activating all your chakras and perfect for using in a crystal grid as it levels up the healing power of the surrounding stones.

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Moon Magic Crystal Collection

Moon Magic Crystal Collection