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June 2019 Tarotscopes

Written by Curtis Bryant 

This Gemini season, Curtis Bryant offers a spin on the Tarotscopes with a focus on love. Let's get to it...lovescopes:

#Gemini: When you come see your heart this month, Gemini, could you be ready to share a part of it with someone else? It feels like you definitely, have feelings for someone but you just don’t know how to express it. Be creative! Put it in a song, a letter, a poem. I want you to hold space, for your heart to meet another. You deserve that.

#Cancer: When it comes to your heart, Cancer, this month calls for some T.L.C. Your heart, time, and energy is nothing to be played with. Whether coupled or single, use this month and the arrival of your birthday season to exhibit lots of self care. Do what makes you happy and do it often. Solo trip anyone? That's for one of my best friends.

#Leo: When it comes to your heart this month, Leo, give it to those who honor you in fullness. F*ckboy and F*ckgirl energy, is not welcomed this month or ever! You’re constantly doing the work to heal, so only hold space for those who are willing to do that work with you. Not because they have to, but because they want to. 

#Virgo: When you come see your heart this month Virgo, you are in full control of its greatest potential. This is BIG soulmate energy! You are calling in. You are looking for a life partner and not a friend with benefits. This is the real thing. Use this month, to speak about the future. Your past no longer serves or defines you.

#Libra: When it comes to your heart this month, Libra, you are moving with such powerful and attractive energy. So many options and yet only one person has your attention. What about them is so special? And how do you honor them? And before you, start to think about all the bad that could happen, know that they want to honor every part of you, too. Will you let them? You have nothing to fear but fear itself. 

#Scorpio: When it comes to your heart this month, Scorpio, I encourage you to work on breaking generational curses this month. Just because you didn’t grow up with the greatest example of love, know that you are still deserving of it. Yes, it will be a lot of work but it is complete worth it.

#Sagittarius: When it comes to your heart this month, Sagittarius, all you need is balance. Whether coupled or single, you may be struggling with how to make room for love in your life. The truth is, it does require a lot out of you and the second truth is that you have the time. It comes down to choice. 

#Capricorn: When it comes to your heart this month, Capricorn, it’s time to make a decision. If you want to stay, give it all you got. If you want to leave, do it and stop wasting your time and the time of others. Don’t just stay for attention only. 

#Aquarius: When it comes to your heart this month, Aquarius, it feels like you’re finally ready to be vulnerable with someone special. Besides your vulnerability, another sexy quality you possess, is your wonderful testimony. Tell your crush or partner, the wonderful projects and goals you have been manifesting in silence. They want to hear all about them and may be the perfect support, to bring your dream to life. Will you trust them?

#Pisces: When it comes to your heart this month, Pisces, the success of your life love life, is connected to your ability to listen. If you are currently connected to someone, listen to your partner, as they may share beautiful things with you this month. If you are single, listen out for God’s voice for what you should do next. God wants you to have love, even when you don’t have any clue of how things will play out. You don’t have to figure this out on your own.

#Aries: When it comes to your heart, Aries, your words will hold so much weight this month. Speak with love and leave the ego at the door. You want to win in love and your soft tongue, will make you a champion.

#Taurus: When it comes to your heart this month, Taurus, it is fully connected to your mind. What do you want this month in love? Be honest with yourself and make decisions where fear has no room to room. Call in your wildest desires and watch them show up.

Learn about Curtis Bryant: Curtis began honoring his gift as an Angel card reader, only 2 years ago but in this short but ever-evolving journey, he has been honored to be used as a vessel and messenger to help everyone he conducts a reading with.

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