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Once you get into the world of tarot there are tons of tools to help elevate your experience. Here are three to consider.

    • Palo Santo is a sacred holy wood that is used for cleansing. It’s an excellent tool to clear tarot cards, crystals, yourself, and the space in which you read. Plus it smells lovely!
    • Chime candles - If you’re familiar with charka meanings, or general crystal meanings, candles translate similarly. You can carve your intention into the candle and it creates an effigy. So if you want to connect with Spirit and enhance your intuition a light purple candle is great. For an emotional connection with a client and self-compassion pink is perfect. You don’t even need a holder. Get a plate and lift your candle, drip two drops of wax and then stick the candle bottom on top
    • Blue kyanite really keeps the energy crystal clear and communication on point. It would also be perfect for a conference room or workplace. It’s super low maintenance too, as it’s self-cleansing.