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Resource Yourself with Medium Lea Morgan

We are honored that the Modern Mystic community often asks us for recommended healers. It is with pleasure that we introduce Resource Yourself, a curated, publicized list of these healers, for you, Modern Mystics.

In this Resource Yourself series, we interview and feature each of these healers, one at a time. Below we interview Medium, Lea Morgan.

Lea is in the Atlanta area, and also does phone readings. Thank you, Lea:


Modern Mystic Shop: How do you explain 'being a medium'?

Lea Morgan: As a Medium, I am able to receive and deliver messages from deceased loved ones. 


Modern Mystic Shop: Tell us a little about your story. How did you get introduced to this mediumship? When did you start your business?

Lea Morgan: Going to psychics was not unusual for me nor was it done regularly. There came a point where several different readers in several different readings over about a 5 year period started describing a line of spirits behind me waiting to deliver messages when I began my work as a Medium. I had always had an aptitude but hadn’t understood it enough to practice and hadn’t practiced enough to hone it. I did those things and started my business 4 years ago. Those spirits lined up weren’t kidding around as I’ve been booked from the beginning.


Modern Mystic Shop: What's your 'why'? What keeps you going, gets you out of bed everyday?

Lea Morgan: I am a translator for Spirit and through my work I get to witness great healing and relief. I am honored to be able to sit in true communion with others on a daily basis.


Modern Mystic Shop:  Do you consider yourself a 'Modern Mystic?' If so, how do you define being a Modern Mystic? 

Lea Morgan: I do consider myself a Modern Mystic and felt very aligned with the store right when it opened. I don’t present as what people usually expect from a Psychic or Medium. I have well-developed left-brain abilities and a down to earth manner. I've had successful careers in advertising and interior design and later came to realize my sensitivities could help others. There are so many people walking around with these abilities that they haven’t explored or felt comfortable sharing about. It’s not fringe - it’s modern to present information and tools in a light of exploration and inclusion. This isn’t just for the “chosen” anymore than having a lovely singing voice is.

Modern Mystic Shop: We'd love to know, do you have a favorite or go-to Modern Mystic Shop product?

Lea Morgan: I have always been drawn to the crystals from Modern Mystic Shop. I don’t even need to know what I’m looking for. The right one in the store will always find me.


To connect with Lea Morgan:

Website: leaonearth.com

Email Address: contactleaonearth@gmail.com

Location: Atlanta, GA for in-person readings (phone readings available also)

IG handle: @leamorgan11