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Tarot Forecast for May 13 - 19

This week's vibe is all about cruising through, though Friday might throw a bit of a curveball. With Major Arcana cards popping up left and right, it's like the universe is saying, "Hey, big moments ahead!" Grabbing onto these chances could kick start some epic soul shaking growth.

Monday 5/13 | The Moon

Embrace the essence of the Moon card as it aligns with Monday's natural energy. Allow yourself to flow gently and embrace your unique rhythm. Stay receptive to intuitive nudges, profound insights, and dreamlike states. What whispers might your intuition share? What revelations might await in the shadows? Trust the signs and let them guide you.

Tuesday 5/14 | The Emperor

When the Emperor appears, it signals embodying the essence of the "good father," leading with inner authority and compassion. This isn't about striving for dominance or enforcing control, but rather about recognizing where we need structure, support, and boundaries, and offering that to ourselves as a form of resistance against harmful aspects of toxic masculinity.

Wednesday 5/15 | 6 of Wands

The 6 of wands keeps appearing week after week! It’s an excellent sign that morale and self esteem continues to be high and you’re seen and validated by those around you. Remember, you mean a whole lot to a whole lot of people.

Thursday 5/16 | The Magician

Let's tap into our creative potential with the Magician leading the way! In case you need a reminder, you possess the intelligence, heart, passion, and expertise to manifest your dreams. Embrace your power and determination, remember who the f*ck you are and make sh*t happen!

Friday 5/17 | 10 of Swords

That persistent thought that seems to loop endlessly in your mind, growing larger with each repetition? It's time to let it go, to release it completely. Recognize the cosmic irony in its persistence, and understand that you've learned all you can from this experience.

Saturday 5/18 | The Fool

You can probably feel the shift in energy from yesterday to today. With the Fool taking the lead, your mind is a playground of infinite possibilities and contemplations. Daydreaming isn't just enjoyable – it's a crucial tool for halting negative thoughts and transforming them into positive momentum. So, fixate on the wondrous future ahead (since you’re bound to fixate on something), for there's an abundance of goodness awaiting you.

Sunday 5/19 | The Chariot

It’s time to roll! You’re heading into the week on fire, with a direction in mind and wind at your sails. It’s crucial to keep positive momentum going at all costs. Keep the vibes high, your thoughts positive, and pour your energy into what’s working. Today you get so much bang for your buck.

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