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Tarot Forecast March 25 - 31

This week promises smooth sailing, offering a refreshing and balanced experience by its end. Embrace spontaneity and playfulness, allowing your intuition to guide you as you navigate through each day without rigidity.

Monday 3/25

This week commences with a profound sense of gratitude and an acknowledgment of the abundance that surrounds you. Reflect on all of the ways you perceive there is more than enough for everyone. Embracing this abundance, you'll perceive the world through a more vibrant and inviting perspective.

Tuesday 3/26

Building upon yesterday's sense of abundance, today presents an opportunity to sow seeds for future wealth or indulge in something luxurious. Reflect on what brings you a sense of luxury and care. These need not be extravagant expenditures. Perhaps it's as simple as purchasing a flower or indulging in a soothing bath. Concentrate on such enriching experiences today to sustain the momentum of fulfillment.

Wednesday 3/27

If faced with conflict today, take a moment to pause and reflect, ensuring your motivations prioritize positive outcomes for all involved rather than solely winning or proving yourself right. While drawing boundaries may be necessary at times, guard against letting pride dictate your actions.

Thursday 3/28

Today calls for playfulness! Embrace spontaneous inspirations rather than waiting to enjoy life later. Connect with others, share ideas, and engage with those who inspire you. Recognize your ability to shape the type of fun and adventure you seek by discovering your unique style of enjoyment. 

Friday 3/29

Today, your mind is sharp and brimming with brilliant ideas! Follow your intellectual curiosity and explore new areas of study or interests. If there's something you've been contemplating pursuing, seize the day to begin, as learning will come effortlessly and tasks requiring mental engagement will be a breeze.

Saturday 3/30

Today, seize the opportunity to try something new that has piqued your interest. Whether it's sampling a new cuisine or exploring a long-awaited park, embrace spontaneity wholeheartedly. Trust your impulses, as they are guiding you towards enriching experiences and affirming the power of your intuition.

Sunday 3/31

Today, prioritize self-care and rejuvenation. Engage in activities that replenish your energy and nourish your well-being. Remember that rest and restoration are vital components of productivity and overall balance; give yourself permission to simply exist in the present moment.


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