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The Tarot Tracks: Level One - The Magician

Each of us has a unique magic that can be applied to the personalized art of tarot reading. This course will explore the theory and history behind the practice while opening up pathways to the higher self and those of others. We provide a safe space for the spiritually inclined to navigate the beginnings of their tarot journey. If you're reading this description, that probably means you!

This course is facilitated by Modern Mystic Reader, Jen West. Jen has over twenty years of experience working with the tarot as an intuitive reader. She has the ability to sense the energy around clients, along with spirit guide vibrations, to help them navigate their current environment and upcoming life events with the appropriate emotional tools. Through teaching tarot, her hope is to help others find their mystical sweet spot by honing in on their own unique universe-gifted talents.

This course meets the following dates: Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4, and Nov 11 from 4 PM - 6 PM or 6 PM - 8 PM. Please select your desired time slot when signing up.

The total cost of the course is $300.

Secure your spot by October 7th to take advantage of early-bird pricing for $270.

Sign up here: https://modernmystictarot.com/products/thetarottracks


Required materials:

- The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings by Brigit Esselmont
- The Rider-Waite deck
- Signing of a confidentiality waiver will be required to ensure a safe space for those in attendance.


- Acquire a Rider-Waite deck along with The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings by Brigit Esselmont. You can visit the store to grab your copies or click here: https://modernmysticshop.com/

- Begin thinking and journaling about your intentions in taking this class and what you hope to get out of it for yourself and your tarot practice.