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This Week's Tarot Forecast

This week unfolds with intriguing dynamics. Initially, there's a surge of mental energy, alternating between motivation and inner resistance. The key lesson lies in harnessing the power of our intellect (symbolized by swords) for clarity, not self-sabotage.

Come Thursday, a noticeable transition occurs from the realm of the mind to the domain of the heart. This shift is so pronounced that it might make you feel like a completely transformed person from the week's outset. Moreover, this shift may illuminate the genuine, heart-centered qualities of those in our midst.

Let's examine each day individually to provide insight into what lies ahead.


2.26 Monday
Knight of Swords

You kick off the week with energy and ideas ready to take action. Use this momentum wisely to make progress and gain support. But be mindful - recklessness may lead to unintended conflicts with potential allies.


2.27 Tuesday
10 of Swords

This card marks the peak of mental distress and self-created turmoil. You might feel like you've hit rock bottom or perceive a situation as worse than it truly is. However, the silver lining is that things can only improve from here. Even if the positive outcome isn't clear yet, trust that everything will eventually align in your favor.


2.28 Wednesday
Queen of Swords

Now you’re ready to take a step back and look at the big picture instead of getting caught up in the moment. From this clearer perspective, make a plan to address any issues that have been bothering you this week. Focus on practical solutions for now. Tomorrow, you can evaluate your plan with both logic and emotion.


2.29 Thursday
Queen of Cups

Today, embrace the flow of the Universe. Be open to signs, trust your instincts, and explore new paths if they resonate with you. From this centered openness, reassess your insights from yesterday. What still resonates as the highest truth? Where can you apply gentleness instead of force? Every aspect of ourselves plays a role in guiding us. Today, everything aligns.


3.1 Friday
King of Cups

Now that you're clear and aligned, it's time to authentically express yourself to others with heartfelt leadership. You've turned a challenging week into a journey of personal healing and growth. When you embody your highest truth, the Universe responds in kind.


3.2 Saturday
Ace of Cups

Today marks a significant step towards greater emotional openness and fluidity. Picture yourself embodying the imagery of the Ace of Cups: open and brimming with serenity. Stay receptive to new or unexpected displays of love and affection. You deserve the abundance that awaits you.


3.3 Sunday
9 of Wands

In just one week, you've faced significant challenges, leaving you possibly physically or emotionally drained. Despite outcomes still pending or issues left unresolved, remember your resilience. As Glennon Doyle aptly puts it, "You can do hard things."