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Spells for the Modern Mystic

All inclusive guide to ritual work and spells


Co-written by Kelley Knight of Modern Mystic Shop

From one of the fastest-growing spiritual brands comes a beautiful spell-casting kit for modern mystics of all levels, this appealing shrink-wrapped package includes a black and gold-printed guidebook with twenty-five rituals and spells—illustrated with gorgeous specially commissioned patterns throughout and line drawings of essential symbols used in the spellwork—along with eleven candles, 3 cones of incense, and a small bottle of essential oil.

Looking to boost your self-empowerment and personal protection? Would you like to enhance your personal transformation and optimize the energy of the spaces in which you live and work? Spells for the Modern Mystic holds the key to tapping into the universe to improve your life. With this deluxe gift set, aspiring and seasoned practitioners can conduct more than two dozen spells to improve all areas of life, including love, financial well-being, and personal security. 

In addition to the materials you need, Spells for the Modern Mystic contains a guide that explains the five essential elements of rituals—symbols, terms, and methodology, including how to set up altars—and answers frequently asked questions. It also shows you step-by-step how to set up and perform rituals and cast spells in six life areas: self-protection; ancestral power; love; transformation; wealth; and personal spaces. 


  • Protection and Clearing Rituals: Solar Shielding Ritual; Ritual Protection Bath; The Watcher’s Call; Get the F*ck Out; Oops! Reversal Ritual
  • Ancestral Rituals: Setting Up an Ancestral Altar; Opening the Gates Ritual; Healing the Lineage Ritual; Inner Child Ritual; Family Healing Ritual
  • Transformation Rituals: Road Opener Ritual; Kali Transformation Ritual; Empowerment of the Chakras; Ritual of Command; Ritual of Power
  • Love Rituals: Self-Love Ritual; Removing Blocks to Love Ritual; Relationship Support Ritual; Passion Ritual; Attracting a Committed Relationship Ritual
  • Wealth Rituals: Setting Up a Wealth Altar, Witch Better Have My Money; Job Obtainment or Promotion Ritual; Quick Cash Ritual; Jupiter Opportunity Ritual
  • Sacred Space Rituals: Clearing a Space; Protecting a Space; Obtaining a Space; Space Blessing; Erasing Energy from a Space

The full components of Spells for the Modern Mystic:

  • A shrink-wrapped keepsake box with a magnetic closure, printed in rich black and gold and with intricate detailing on the front and spine, plus a four-color sell sheet demonstrating the contents within
  • A gorgeously illustrated, step-by-step guide printed in black and gold
  • 11 candles (6 black, 5 white)
  • 3 cones of sandalwood incense
  • 5ml of cedarwood oil

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Spells for the Modern Mystic is a ritual guidebook and spell-casting kit. It contains detailed instructions on how to perform rituals and set up altars. Everything needed to successfully execute these rituals is contained in the box and can be supplemented with everyday household items such as tin foil and salt.
Spells for the Modern Mystic

Spells for the Modern Mystic