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Clearing Bath Salt

Impeccable energetic hygiene


Baths have been seen as both therapeutic aids and ritual acts for centuries, adding salts was a powerful tool in supporting the clearing of the body and the aura. Add this special blend of salts to your next bath, allowing the sage, and mint to purify while lavender promotes relaxation and healing. Modern Mystic Shop bath products are ritualistically made by hand, with organic ingredients by practitioners of magick.

Size: 16 oz

Full Ingredients

Dead sea salt, organic botanicals, organic essential oils: Lavender, Sage, Peppermint and Basil



Abundance, Success, HappinessBasil provides an uplifting energy that generates success, prosperity, and happiness.


Soothing, Calming, Sleep AidCalming lavender soothes the soul and aids in sleep.

Peppermint / Mint

Mental Clarity, Cleansing, DreamsPeppermint is a cleansing agent that creates mental sharpness and enhances dreams.


Cleansing, Intuition, EmpathyKnown for its cleansing properties, Sage also amplifies intuition and turns the heart towards empathy.


Purification, Protection, CleansingSalt creates strong energetic protection and is a top purification tool for auric cleansing.


Pour a liberal amount of salt (up to two cups) into a warm bath. Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes. Make sure to soak your head under the water to deeply cleanse your crown chakra.
Clearing Bath Salt

Clearing Bath Salt



Our founder, Kelley Knight, got her start as a tarot reader. After hours of reading every day she used to make her own salt bath blend to soak head to toe as a way to energetically cleanse her aura. When she opened Modern Mystic Shop she knew a special clearing salt had to be offered to guests to maintain excellent energetic hygiene. Salt is a powerful yet relaxing cleansing agent.