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Quick Tip: How to Find the Right Tarot Deck

People often ask me how to find the “right” tarot deck for them. I’ve experienced that each deck speaks a different language and it’s up to you to find the deck that speaks your exact dialect. ⁣If tarot isn’t working for you, before throwing in the tea towel - try a new deck! Most often you're just missed matched and you are destined for tarot success if you pair up with a new partner.

For me, I used The Wild Unknown for ages after I tried very hard to use the Native American tarot deck. The Wild Unknown really clicked and I instantly became an intuitive reader. ⁣⁣

Since I’ve stepped back from reading for others, I’ve fallen deeply in love with the Smith-Waite deck. There’s something about those muted colors and more feminine energy is really speaking to me. So, for now this beauty is my deck of choice for my personal practice and it’s taking me deeper than before, yet the intuition hasn’t fully locked in just yet.