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Quick Tip: How to Use Sage

Here are some quick tips to get the most of your saging experience. ⠀⠀

  • Approach cleansing the space as a metaphor for you also cleansing and cleaning your energetic being and life 
  • Hold a very firm intention, prayer, or mantra of love and compassion for yourself and your home while you sage 
  • Physically clean the space prior saging and use sage as a final step
  • Make sure to open (or crack) doors and windows to allow lower energies a means to escape  Fill the space back up with good energy through sweet grass, flowers, lavender, or rosemary as a means to bless the space ⠀⠀

Our bundles by Catherine Rising are a beautiful one-stop saging shop as the white sage clears and the flowers bring in sweetness.

We also carry a variety of additional sage products!