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Five Ways to Make the Most of Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones may seem small, but they pack a powerful punch in the crystal realm. They're convenient, easy to carry, and great for boosting the energy of any environment or person. People often stash them in pockets, bags, or even bras to keep their crystal allies close. Here are five straightforward ways to make tumbled stones a part of your daily routine.

Everywhere, Always 

A straightforward method to absorb a crystal's energy is by carrying it with you, whether in your pocket, bra, or on a necklace. Our guests often use our crystal cages to switch out tumbled stones easily, depending on their current needs. By keeping crystals close, their energy merges with yours, facilitating the desired shift in frequency.

On the Road

Stashing crystals in your car can bring mindfulness and protection to your travels. Black tourmaline offers high protection, clear quartz maintains mental and energetic clarity and focus, and amethyst calms and shields, making them ideal companions for the road. Howlite can also ease stress and potentially alleviate motion sickness, rounding out the selection of helpful aids for your vehicle.

At Work

Adding small tumbled stones to your office décor can infuse a touch of magic into your workspace discreetly. For boosting sales, citrine and pyrite are top choices. If work stress gets to you, reach for lepidolite to soothe your nerves. Need to improve communication? Sodalite or lapis are excellent options, while tiger's eye can bolster your confidence. Keep them on your desk or carry them with you for maximum benefit!

At Home

Use tumbled stones to enhance the flow of energy in your home. Place them strategically in different areas to attract specific energies or to remedy imbalances. For example, you can use rose quartz for love and harmony in the bedroom or amethyst for tranquility and spiritual growth in a meditation corner. Selenite is perfect under the bed to keep the energy clear and promote sleep or if you’re looking to amp up sexy time it’s carnelian to the rescue! 

In the Bath

Quartz family crystals like clear quartz, rose quartz,  citrine, smoky quartz, amethyst, and others are safe to use in water. Including these crystals in your bath can enhance the healing and relaxation benefits of your self-care routine. Simply choose a crystal that aligns with your intention and add a handful to your bathwater. Plus, all our ritual bath bombs come with embedded crystals, ready to elevate your bath experience!