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Tarot Forecast May 20 - 26

The week kicks off with a practical, down-to-earth energy, but as it progresses towards the end and the weekend approaches, there's room for lightheartedness and play.

Monday 5/20 | Knight of Pentacles

Now's the time to tackle the nitty-gritty and handle the groundwork necessary to advance your goals. Have you been putting off any tasks? Are there basic steps that were overlooked, potentially causing problems down the line? Today's the day to address foundational work, even if it seems mundane. You'll thank yourself later.

Tuesday 5/21 | King of Pentacles 

It's time to shift focus and take charge in terms of work and physical well being. While there's often discussion about feminine self-care, there's equal importance in mastering how to “father” or “husband” yourself. Establish and maintain healthy boundaries, not just in your interactions with others, but also in how you care for and connect with yourself.

Wednesday 5/22 | 5 of Pentacles 

Relying solely on our present circumstances to dictate our ability to manifest can restrict our potential, particularly when our situation seems grim. What we're experiencing now is a product of past energy and mindset – it’s old news. Regardless of current challenges, it's crucial to nurture the emotions we desire for the future in the present. Our future is shaped by our current thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, so focus on cultivating positivity and alignment now to shape what's to come.

Thursday 5/23 | 3 of Pentacles

You don't have to go solo. "It" might vary for each person, but learning to enlist support is a valuable lesson. Consider this: when you accept assistance, you're also granting the helper the satisfaction of contributing. Let someone utilize their skills to aid another—it's a gift for both parties involved.

Friday 5/24 | Page of Cups

This week has revolved around practical tasks and necessities. Now, it's your turn to unwind and enjoy some leisure. Take a breather today and treat yourself to activities that would delight your inner child. Laugh, play, maybe indulge in some ice cream—above all, remember not to take life too seriously.

Saturday 5/25 | Page of Wands

Carry the playful energy with you into the weekend. If possible, shed all responsibilities and engage in activities that bring you joy. If your schedule doesn't allow complete freedom, infuse elements of play and magic into whatever you do.

Sunday 5/26 | The Lovers

Today's focus is on harmony, particularly in long-term relationships. Dedicate time to loved ones, and if you're in a romantic partnership, nurture it with attention and care. If you're flying solo, take this chance to cultivate inner balance and harmony. Remember, the most enduring relationship you'll have is with yourself.

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