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Full Moon in Scorpio
The Time for Inner Power is Now

In 1925, noted American astrologer Marc Edmund Jones sat down with a very gifted clairvoyant named Elsie Wheeler. In a single day, Elsie channeled a symbol for each degree of the zodiac wheel and Jones recorded them, as the two sat in a park in San Diego, California. These channeled “messages” came through as one word or as many as 21 words depending on the image Elsie received and each tell the story of the energy of each sign’s degree point, from 0° of Aries to 29° of Pisces. These are not astrological tools, per se, but they can offer really inspiring support during particular lunations and even in understanding our own natal charts. 

The Full Moon in Scorpio that arrives in the very late hours of April 23rd, is one that we should all bear special witness to. It isn’t an eclipse (we’re done with those until the fall!) but it is squaring Pluto and it harkens back to the particularly powerful New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th, 2023. That moon was conjunct Mars in Scorpio and included aspects to Uranus and Jupiter—Jupiter had newly ingressed into Scorpio’s sister sign of Taurus. It also occurred as conflict between Israel and Gaza heightened. (This is also the first time that Uranus and Jupiter were together in the Earth sign since 1941.) Scorpio represents the Underworld, death and rebirth, and transformation. Mars is known as the God of War and was Scorpio’s original ruler until Pluto was discovered. If we continue with the history lesson, Uranus and Jupiter’s last meet up in this part of the sky coincided with equally big world events—Roosevelt signing a massive aid package to help support WW2 allies and women being called to join the war effort (hello, Rosie the Riveter.)

The astrology of this moment brings all of these seemingly unrelated transits together. We’re welcoming a Full Moon in Scorpio this time that will be squaring it’s modern ruler Pluto while Uranus and Jupiter prepare to meet again for the first time since World War Two. The parallels are likely very clear… The world finds itself in heartbreakingly familiar territory and while we, as individuals, do not have the power to end wars out in the world, we do have the power to end them within ourselves. And it is a power that this Full Moon wants each of us to tap into and activate. 

Back to Sabian Symbols. The symbol for the degree point of this moon—4° of Scorpio—is “Youth Holding Up a Candle.” There is an inner child in every human being and that child arrived on this planet with an intention to love and spread joy—as all children do. No one is born wanting to cause harm and the more we each can get in touch with this inner wisdom, by holding up our own candles and loving the parts of us that have been hurt, the world shifts. No matter where this Moon falls in your personal chart, it is inviting you to let go of all of the beliefs and stories you hold that disconnect you from this inner power and Pluto will be there to assist. Squares are aspects of conflict and tension, they almost always manifest as something. With Pluto it promises to be deep and revelatory. This is a lunation for surrender, to illuminate our wounds so that we can heal them and become better advocates for ourselves and others, to find our own inner power and harness it for the good of all.