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Tarot Forecast April 22 - 28

This week, it's time to assess different parts of our lives, especially our habits and relationships that might need to change or end. Letting go is normal but might bring up emotions. Remember to take care of yourself as you make decisions for a brighter future.

Monday 4/22 | 2 of Cups

The week begins with opportunities for emotional connections, whether reconnecting with familiar faces or meeting new people. It's a great time to catch up with old friends or strike up conversations with strangers. Today, spending time with like-minded individuals fills you with satisfaction, motivating you to socialize and expand your circle of friends.

Tuesday 4/23 | Justice

Today, the full moon is in Scorpio, signaling a time of significant change. Take a moment to think about your choices, as they will have lasting effects. Decide what you need to let go of to pursue a more fulfilling life. But remember to find a balance between what feels right emotionally and what makes sense logically.

Wednesday 4/24 | The Devil

Don't let material desires or comforts distract you from being true to yourself. Take a look at your habits and routines, and make adjustments where needed to align with the person you want to be. No judgment, just an opportunity to become your best self by mindfully shaping your daily routines for greater productivity and authenticity.

Thursday 4/25 | King of Swords

Now's the time to put your plans into action. Create a solid plan and commit to it. Show yourself care by embracing maturity and discipline. Your future self will appreciate it.

Friday 4/26 | 8 of Cups

We’re still in the energy of release and this time what needs to be left behind may be less obvious. It might be time to leave behind something emotionally fulfilling to seek a deeper spiritual or emotional fulfillment. You deserve it all, so don’t hesitate to leave something good for the opportunity for something great.  

Saturday 4/27 | 2 of Pentacles

Today, take some time to restabilize yourself. This week has been full of sifting and releasing what needs to go to prepare for the new. Take a moment to regroup before the next emotional wave comes your way.

Sunday 4/28 | 5 of Cups

Feeling sad over what's lost is normal. Grieving is a natural part of growing. Allow yourself to feel it fully to heal. Though things have changed, remember not all is lost. The changes you've made will bring rewards eventually. If you need to cry, go ahead and let it out.

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