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How to Make a Dream Altar

Dream Work is a great way to connect with your intuition and innermost thoughts. Creating an altar anchors your dreams and allows them to be more vivid and memorable.

We’re deliberately connecting with moon energy because not only is the moon most present during sleep, but it also symbolizes the depths of the psyche which is exposed while dreaming. Once you set up this altar, it’s recommended to keep it going for at least 40 nights.

You Will Need:

  • Flowers to set the stage for beautiful and sweet dreams
  • Crystals: Celestite calls in angelic messages and Selenite connects with the moon and higher realms
  • Full Moon Candle to connect to the moon at its fullest and the depths of your psyche. Light it once per night before bed and extinguish it before you go to sleep.
  • High Priestess Tarot Card to call in your most intuitive self to interpret your dreams
  • Moon Incense to set the stage for deep and restful sleep through the night. Burn one stick nightly and extinguish before you go to sleep.
  • Crown Chakra Roll On to open your crown chakra to connect with the higher realms during sleep
  • Dreams Notebook for recording dreams at night or directly upon waking

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