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New Moon in Pisces

What’s Possible? Anything and Everything.

The end of last month brought us the opportunity to rearrange our daily schedules and routines to allow for more spiritual connection and this month we welcome a New Moon all about anchoring those divine intentions. The Pisces mansion is the ruler of the 12th House, the final house of the zodiac —that cosmic wheel that represents the journey of life. Pisces is where all of our journeys end, where we slip back through the veil and prepare to be reborn again into the “I am” consciousness represented by Aries and the First House. 

Pisces contains the totality of human experience and it is here that we come to understand unconditional love, the belief that we are all connected by spirit, and that every human emotion contains a multitude of positive and negative, dark and light, and every possible mixture of each. 

Therefore, this water sign also holds within it some of the darker aspects of our psyches. It is in this sign and house that we find things like addiction, living at extremes, incarceration, hospitals, emotional and mental disorders, abuse, secrets, and anything that either disconnects us from the whole or thrusts us too far into it. Pisces brings depth, to say the least.

When we observe a New Moon in this sign we are understandably in consideration of the world and our place in it. It’s an opportunity to understand our own extremes in regards to all of these themes. 

What does the idea of an ending mean to you? Do endings signify ideas of pain and an instinct to cling? Or do endings represent gratitude and the anticipation of an inevitable beginning? 

What does connection mean to you and where does it exist in your life? What is the quality of your most valued connections? Are they nourishing, safe, and expansive? Or do they carry toxic qualities like anxiousness, codependence, or instability? For more information about navigating endings, check out this MoonDay Mystic episode with Alee Hoffman where we dive deeply into this conversation.

This New Moon reminds us that no matter what our answers to these questions, Spirit is right there. The divine exists in our most breathtaking moments and in our ugliest hour. Pisces reminds us that the divine is in everything or it is in nothing. This particular lunation doubles down on this idea with a conjunction to the Great Spirit himself, Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. Intentions set under this moon have the power to bring forth an experience of the divine and a connection to spirit that might feel unprecedented. Radical compassion, forgiveness, and empathy are all possible now and these are miracleworkers. Add to that a sextile to Uranus (swift change) and Jupiter (expansion) and you’ve got all the ingredients for true miracles—if you pick up your spiritual tools and work with them. 

If anything was possible in your life, what would it be? A healed relationship? Freedom and abundance? Success? Perfect health for you or a loved one? Imagine what you would do if these miracles arrived today and write it all down. 

Look at the list. Those are your New Moon intentions. All you have to do now is allow.


Ways to work with the New Moon in Pisces:

  • This is a perfect moon to begin an intuitive practice like tarot. The Field Tarot is very aligned with this moon, as it pays special homage to that sacred, liminal space between the seen and unseen. 

  • Nag Champa incense has been used for centuries to cleanse and prepare sacred spaces for meditation. Burning a stick during a meditation, allowing the ancient aroma to connect to higher planes of consciousness.

  • Dress your altar with our Pisces Candle and meditate on the dance of the flame. Notice what messages and intuitive knowings arise…