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This week brims with inspiration and a longing for new beginnings. It's as if the energy of spring is stirring ahead of schedule! Take the opportunity to explore what genuinely ignites your passion. Your interests may have evolved over time, prompting your spirit to reconnect with who you are in the present moment.

Monday, March 4th | 6 of Wands

Isn't it amusing that the only date that forms a complete sentence, "March forth," coincides with the 6 of Wands card depicting a parade? This week kicks off with enthusiasm and a strong sense of self-worth. You're confident about the positive influence you have and others are recognizing your value. Keep your head held high and take pride in the person you aspire to be.

Tuesday, March 5th | 2 of Wands

Today, you might ponder alternative paths and intriguing opportunities. Are there passions you've neglected that deserve attention? Taking action isn't mandatory. Embrace the multitude of possibilities and let your imagination wander. After all, imagination is closely related to both inspiration and intuition.

Wednesday, March 6 | 7 of Swords

If you sense something amiss today, trust that intuition. There might be individuals withholding information or acting with less integrity. If you doubt someone's trustworthiness, rely on your instincts and respond accordingly. If your own actions feel questionable, it's a cue to realign them with the person you aspire to be.

Thursday, March 7 | Ace of Wands

Today, expect to be inspired. When enthusiasm strikes, it's your cue to ask the Universe for more and ride the wave of momentum. Pay attention to what ignites your passion! It might be something fresh or unexpected, offering insight into what excites you as the person you are right now.

Friday, March 8 | 8 of Pentacles 

Today, focus on the details. You might need to learn a new skill or enhance your mastery for success. Stay committed to your priorities and persistently chip away to achieve steady progress.

Saturday, March 9 | Knight of Wands

Recall the sparks of passion from Thursday? It's time to act on them. You needn't be an expert or monetize your passions. The blessing lies in pursuing these new ideas with action.

Sunday, March 10 | The Fool

Today invites openness to everything! Embrace spontaneity and adventure. Feel the urge for fresh starts in various aspects of life? Embrace it with the spirit of unlimited potential and adventure. Like the Fool, take leaps of faith, knowing the Universe supports you.