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Five Ways to Clear a Space

Shifting the energy in a space can happen in an instant! By changing the energy in your environment you can quickly enhance your mood. By learning the subtle difference in the various clearing methods, you can intentionally set up your space to work in your favor.

Sound frequencies are a simple way to immediately change the energy of a space. From playing high vibe mantra music, sounding chimes or singing bowls, chanting into your space, or clapping your hands, there are many options to use sound as an effective clearing tool and most of them are free!  

Sacred smoke is a well known and popular way to change the energy in a space. Many people enjoy burning sacred herbs like sage, rosemary, lavender, or palo santo. When used sparingly and with reverence, these tools can add ample energy while pushing lower energies out. Each botanical has different properties so you can easily dial in the exact energy you want by aligning with the proper sacred smoke. Incense is another easy way to use smoke to clear a space.

We offer a variety of essential oil sprays and essential oils that are perfect for clearing a space. A few sprays makes your space smell good, but will also shun negative energies.You can choose the exact experience you’d like to have by choosing the perfect essential oil blend to suit your mood.

There’s an incredible salt burning ritual in Spells for the Modern Mystic that is specifically designed to clear emotional energy (like after a fight or a good cry). This ritual is very flammable and needs to be done under constant supervision and with a fire extinguisher nearby.

Many crystals have clearing properties and can definitely keep your space on point. Generally, any stone that ends with ITE can cleanse a space. Our favorites are selenite and blue kyanite. You can comb them through your aura or space to release unwanted energies. You can also have selenite centerpieces circulating the energy 24/7.