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This week offers a remarkable opportunity for creation and manifestation, radiating with positivity and potential. Each day guides you through a crucial step of the journey, from deep contemplation to tangible realization. Embrace this week as a chance to gain clarity on your goals and then bring them to life with a spirit of creativity and wonder. Remember, it's not about doing more – it's about becoming more—tapping into your fullest potential and embracing the magic of the present moment.

Monday, 3/11 - The Hanged Man 

This week begins with a call to pause and reflect. Use this break to gain fresh perspectives that will benefit you down the road. Deep reflection taps into our intuitive wisdom and fosters spiritual growth. Instead of rushing ahead, embrace this moment of stillness.

Tuesday, 3/12 - The Sun

What new insight did you uncover about yourself during yesterday's reflection? Embrace these discoveries as integral aspects of your identity today. With the sun's energy bolstering you, seize the opportunity to express yourself fully. Embrace your authenticity and let nothing hold you back.

Wednesday, 3/13 - The Magician

Today marks a moment of significant creation, building upon the insights gathered earlier this week. It's time to channel that energy into something fresh and thrilling for yourself. Armed with the necessary tools, discard any excuses and bring your grandest vision to life. Now is the time to act boldly and manifest your dreams.

Thursday, 3/14 - Page of Cups

Embrace the joy of creation and let your imagination soar today. Revel in your most creative thoughts and ideas, allowing yourself to daydream about the grandest vision imaginable. Visualize yourself living that dream life, for one of the secrets to manifestation is feeling the future in the present moment. What does it truly feel like to bring your wildest dreams to life? Explore that sensation today.

Friday, 3/15 - Knight of Cups

You probably already possess the potential to turn some of your daydreams into reality. It's not necessary to manifest everything at once. Instead, start by recognizing the small ways you already have what you desire. Take incremental steps towards your goals, gradually building upon your existing resources and capabilities. By acknowledging the seeds of your dreams already within reach, you can take meaningful actions to bring them to fruition, one step at a time.

Saturday, 3/16 - 6 of Wands

Today, anticipate a surge of self-confidence as you revel in your achievements and the life you've constructed. Whether consciously or not, you serve as a beacon for those around you, inspiring them with your example. Embrace this acknowledgment and recognize that from this position of esteem, you possess the power to manifest more of what brings you joy. Enjoy the journey ahead.

Sunday, 3/17 - 10 of Pentacles

Today, open your eyes to abundance in all its forms. Recognize it in the smiles of your loved ones, the warmth of your home, or the simple pleasure of your morning coffee. Direct your attention towards perceiving prosperity in both the modest and grand aspects of life. When you sense the feeling of abundance and gratitude coursing through you, whisper to the Universe, "more of this, please!" Let your gratitude pave the way for even greater blessings to flow into your life.


Road Opener Candle – light this daily to clear any blocks to your inner vision and to continue the flow of manifestation

Pyrite Clusters – the perfect stone to usher in prosperity. Place this stone in the north direction of your office or where you conduct prosperity workings.

Spells for the Modern Mystic - The Solar Shielding ritual serves as an ideal daily practice, especially during this week of heightened solar energy. Embrace the full force of the Sun's power and integrate positive solar energy into your life.

Dreams Notebook – This week is about dreaming big. Draw, jot, or write your ideas in this powerful notebook and see your creations come to life.