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See what the cards have in store for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for May 2024.

Collective | 0:50

Taurus | 2:52

Gemini | 7:04

Cancer | 8:51

Leo | 10:24

Virgo | 12:22

Libra | 14:40

Scorpio | 16:29

Sagittarius | 18:30

Capricorn | 20:14

Aquarius | 21:58

Pisces | 23:23

The Emperor | Knight of Cups | The High Priestess
Apologies for the oversight on excluding Aries from the recording. This month, embrace your true self. The Emperor card symbolizes Aries, so embrace your natural traits with confidence and authority. Balance seriousness with creativity and adventure, as indicated by the Knight of Cups. When you blend the traits of the Emperor and the Knight of Cups, you tap into your intuition and inner strength, making you unstoppable. Keep an eye out for signs and use them to guide your actions and aspirations.