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Tarot Forecast April 29 - May 5

This week, trust your gut and intuition in every aspect, but keep things balanced and moderate. When you have a clear sense of direction, go for it.

Monday 4.29 | Temperance

At the start of the week, check in with your emotions. Identify what's off-kilter and how you can bring things back into sync internally. No need for drastic changes right now—just observe and make small adjustments. If you face any hurdles, stick to a balanced approach. If finding that balance is tough, it's okay to take a breather rather than making impulsive decisions.

Tuesday 4.30 | Queen of Pentacles

Continuing from yesterday's guidance, the Queen of Pentacles suggests honing in on the practical side of things. Check in with yourself: How's your physical well-being, your surroundings, and your work environment? Do you need to tweak anything to feel more stable and supported? Trust your bodily instincts today—they're reliable guides.

Wednesday 5.1 | 10 of Pentacles

You'll naturally feel abundant and fulfilled today, so embrace that energy whenever it hits you. A quick trick: Just say, "More of this, please," and soak in that sense of prosperity when it strikes. Keep your focus on the positives today, and let any negativity fade away by not giving it any attention.

Thursday 5.2 | Page of Wands

Today, dive into your curiosity and passion, and don't shy away from taking risks if they show up. Stay open to new ideas, opportunities, and experiences. You might be at the start of something creative or feeling the buzz of anticipation for what lies ahead. When you feel that genuine excitement, embrace it and let it fuel your journey forward!

Friday 5.3 | Queen of Swords

Don't tolerate nonsense today. Get straight to the point and leave no room for doubt or uncertainty. You're clear on what's real and what needs to be done to shape your future. Speak up honestly and directly, even if it's tough. Trust your instincts and your ability to navigate the path ahead.

Saturday 5.4 | Two of Pentacles 

Narrow down your focus to just two main areas and stay open to adjusting other commitments. Prioritize what's truly important and will make the biggest difference in your day. You don't have to micromanage everything! Trust that things will still progress even if you're not directly overseeing them.

Sunday 5.5 | Four of Wands

Focus on your peace today. Use this time to recharge before the week ahead. Try meditation or other calming activities to refresh yourself and allow yourself the luxury of a break from your usual routine, even if it's just for today.


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