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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries:
Lighting an Inner Fire

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the ruler of the 1st House of The Self. Without Aries, there is nothing else. Without the “I am” consciousness there is no way to perceive or be perceived. The Ego can be responsible for loads of shenanigans, lots of pain and unnecessary suffering, and is the seat of selfishness and narcissism. However, the ego is not at fault. We need our egos, they tell us who we are and how we’re different from other people. They help us understand where we end and others begin. They give us information about what we like and don’t like, what we’re good at and where we need to grow. They help us parent ourselves, make decisions, and have experiences. The Ego is not supposed to be in charge and yet so often it is—convincing us we need to go places we shouldn’t, stay in places we shouldn’t, and do all manner of things that aren’t actually meant for us. This lunar moment is here to help clarify for us, the distinction between an Ego that is working with us and an Ego that needs to be right-sized. 

Not a comfortable journey. 

The last eclipse in Libra helped wake us up to the truth of our relationship to the world and the people in it. It was a Lunar Eclipse, a lunation typically responsible for revelations and endings, so if you’re feeling extra tender or moving through a painful moment this New Moon is the perfect time to ignite a new flame. If your current narrative isn’t particularly intense you can still tap into this initiatory energy via whatever is arising for you. Ultimately though, Aries and Libra are about relationships so that is where focus will be laid during this lunation. This is a transit of deep healing and while Solar Eclipses are typically times of new energy and beginnings, they represent and bring about massive change—know that whatever is coming or going during this time is for your highest benefit. Healing is always comfortable but it’s necessary if we want to manifest and receive the life we were meant to love. And the people we are meant to love. 

Aries represents independence, courage, passion, and bold action. Its energy is aligned with both The Fool and The Magician in the Tarot and its symbol is The Ram—a symbol of penetrative action, the power to overcome and achieve. This zodiac sign represents our power to creatively meet any moment, to find solutions, and to create breakthroughs. When we can ignite this power within ourselves (Aries) but do so with the betterment of others in mind (Libra) we become an unstoppable force for good. This eclipse is calling on us to do just that. Whether it is an aggrandized ego that is in need of humbling or a diminished ego that is in need of self-respect, we’ll all be getting an opportunity to balance and it couldn’t be better timed…

Ask yourself these two questions as the light of the sun goes out and we prepare for the reboot:

  1. What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
  2. How would it change people’s lives for the better?