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5 Ways to Ease Anxiety

Feeling Overwhelmed by Anxiety? You're Not Alone.

Anxiety is a common struggle that disrupts lives. Modern Mystic Shop understands this, as many of our guests seek guidance in managing their emotional well-being.

The good news: effective tools and techniques exist to help you weather these storms.

Serene Scents

Soothing scents can be powerful allies in promoting relaxation. Studies suggest that certain aromas can activate the brain's limbic system, influencing mood and emotions.

Our top-selling essential oil blend, Let That Sh*t Go, is specifically formulated to promote this calming effect. Simply diffuse it in your space or apply it to pulse points and inhale deeply for a sense of peace whenever stress arises.

Balancing Breathwork

Deep, mindful inhales and exhales activate your body's relaxation response, releasing tension and bringing your focus back to the present. Breathwork - a form of inner alchemy - calms the mind and strengthens your ability to weather life's anxieties. 

Try this: With your back straight take a four second inhale through the nose. Fill your belly, not your chest with the breath. Pause the breath for a second or two and then release through the mouth for six seconds and then repeat.

Comforting Crystals 

Mindfully touch a soothing stone. Focus on its texture and temperature while in your hand. This simple act can redirect anxious thoughts and offer a temporary sense of calm. Soothing stones are handy tools to carry for on-the-go stress relief.

Mindful Meditation

When anxieties take hold, quieting the mental chatter can feel like an uphill battle. The key lies in building a foundation of calmness during moments of peace. Regular meditation practice equips you with the tools to manage your thoughts effectively when faced with stress.

Modern Mystic Meditations: Volume 1 offers a valuable resource for beginners. Our Lotus Flower meditation is specifically designed to transform stress into a sense of tranquility.

Gentle Journaling

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be a powerful tool for managing anxiety.

Journaling allows you to vent and understand what's triggering your anxiety while releasing pent up emotions. Additionally, tracking your entries can reveal situations that typically spark anxiety, empowering you to develop coping mechanisms as you reveal patterns. Our Dreams and Schemes notebooks are a great way to get pen on paper. 

Want to try a little bit of each? Check out our Anxiety Ease Collection