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Tarot Forecast April 15th-21st

This week promises abundant opportunities for smooth sailing ahead for all. Focus your thoughts on positivity, and watch as the Universe mirrors your optimism with its own positive experiences.

Monday 4/15 | 7 of Pentacles

You're about to see results from the time and effort you've put in. Just be patient and stick to your plans. If you give up too soon, you'll waste all the work you've invested. Keep going and wait for things to work out without stress.

Tuesday, 4/16 | Strength

Today, you can show compassionate leadership to those who admire you by being patient, caring, and quietly confident. You're in a good place to align your thoughts and feelings, taking actions that resonate with your soul.

Wednesday, 4/17 | Queen of Wands

Today, make the most of your time by following your passions, boldly expressing yourself, and trusting your intuition to guide you towards success and fulfillment. Additionally, tap into your inner power and intuition, harnessing your ability to manage your energy effectively to pave the path for your desires.

Thursday, 4/18 | The Empress

Connect with your feminine side and embrace your natural rhythms. Feminine expression varies for everyone, but try to notice beauty, lavish yourself in what feels good, and be open to love. Your inner feminine wants care, so relax and enjoy being in the flow.  

Friday, 4/19 | 6 of Cups

You might find yourself feeling nostalgic today, longing for the past or encountering someone from your history unexpectedly. Take some time to value your journey so far, embracing both the good and the bad experiences that have shaped who you are today. Remember, you're in control of your future. Take the lessons that have served you well from the past and leave the rest behind.

Saturday, 4/20 | The Fool

Today, you might sense that endless possibilities lie ahead, and the future seems wide open. Take this opportunity to dream without boundaries, allowing your imagination to soar. Immerse yourself in the realm of possibility and see what creative visions emerge. When the time comes to take a leap of faith, trust that the Universe is backing you every step of the way.

Sunday, 4/21 | 4 of Wands

Celebrate your sense of achievement. It’s a time of joy, stability, and harmony in relationships or projects and you’ve reached a milestone or a significant moment of success. This is only the first foundational level, there is more to be built from this firm groundwork and it’s only up from here.