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Resource Yourself with Chiropractor Dr. Paul Gross

Edited and Adapted by Lauren Kelley

We are honored that the Modern Mystic community often asks us for recommended healers. It is with pleasure that we share Resource Yourself, a curated, publicized list of these healers, for you, Modern Mystics.

In this Resource Yourself series, we interview and feature each of these healers, one at a time. Below we interview chiropractor Dr. Paul Gross.

His practice is in Cabbagetown in Atlanta, GA. Thank you, Dr. Gross:


Modern Mystic Shop: How do you explain your expertise?

Dr. Paul Gross: The most important thing to understand is that people do not deserve to live their lives in pain! Chiropractic is a great way to re-align the physical self with the spiritual self. The body can and should heal itself under the right conditions! I'm here to make sure the physical conditions are there for healing and wellness to happen. The goal is to get healthy and stay healthy.


Modern Mystic Shop: Tell us a little about your story. How did you get introduced to this healing work? When did you start your business?

Dr. Paul Gross: Terminus Chiropractic is a fully authentic reflection of my self and my story. I grew up "sick" and didn't realize that I was capable of living a healthy life until I was introduced to chiropractic. I opened up this beautiful solo space in the heart of Cabbagetown in 2016 in order to make a tangible difference in the health, happiness, and overall wellness of my community.


Modern Mystic Shop: What's your 'why'? What keeps you going, gets you out of bed every day?

Dr. Paul Gross: My life was changed by a chiropractor and I want to spread an empowering vision of health to as many people as possible. I see so much unnecessary suffering in people's everyday lives that I know I can help with. Watching my patients overcome health issues that they never thought possible fills me with so much positivity and enthusiasm that I have to spread that message as far and wide as possible. When chronic pain and dysfunction fall away, people realize that they are capable anything and everything. That's where magic happens.


Modern Mystic Shop:  Do you consider yourself a 'Modern Mystic?' If so, how do you define being a Modern Mystic? 

Dr. Paul Gross: I definitely consider myself a Modern Mystic! I think anyone who attempts to see the world beyond the surface and interacts with the spiritual realm is a Modern Mystic. 

Modern Mystic Shop: We'd love to know, do you have a favorite or go-to Modern Mystic Shop product?

Dr. Paul Gross: My favorite products at the shop are the gemstones! I had a huge collection of stones and crystals as a kid, so anytime I'm at the shop I feel like I'm connecting with the deepest part of my self.


Connect with Dr. Paul Gross:

Website: www.terminuschiropractic.com

Email Address: terminuschiropractic@gmail.com

Location: 190A Carroll St. SE Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: 404-909-0890