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Resource Yourself with Therapist Adela Raffa

Edited and Adapted by Lauren Kelley

We are honored that the Modern Mystic community often asks us for recommended healers. It is with pleasure that we share Resource Yourself, a curated, publicized list of these healers, for you, Modern Mystics.

In this Resource Yourself series, we interview and feature each of these healers, one at a time. Below we interview therapist Adela Raffa.

Adela is in the Roswell, Georgia area and offers virtual sessions as well. Thank you, Adela:


Modern Mystic Shop: How do you explain your expertise?

Adela Raffa: I help people make powerful, positive change utilizing Gestalt therapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and mindfulness techniques.


Modern Mystic Shop: Tell us a little about your story. How did you get introduced to this healing work? When did you start your business?

Adela Raffa: I was introduced to gestalt and NLP about fifteen plus years ago in my personal quest for growth and healing. My entire world, specifically my inner landscape, changed so much that I decided to leave my corporate job, and went back to school learn about these powerful modalities. I've been in my private practice going on five years.


Modern Mystic Shop: What's your 'why'? What keeps you going, gets you out of bed every day?

Adela Raffa: I'm a life-long learner and I'm passionate about personal growth, healing and development: my own and other's. I wanted to be a teacher growing up and that's mainly how I view myself now. I'm teaching subjects we weren't taught [in school], such as emotional hygiene, courageous conversations, healthy relationships, and effective communication with self and others.

I get excited about teaching people simple tools to become the best version of themselves despite - and maybe because - of their childhood, circumstances or environment. That gets my creative energies flowing every single day.


Modern Mystic Shop:  Do you consider yourself a 'Modern Mystic?' If so, how do you define being a Modern Mystic? 

Adela Raffa: I love the term 'Modern' because it describes someone who advocates or practices a departure from traditional values, and is here and now; in the present, with a fresh, new outlook. And 'Mystic' is all about intuition, inner wisdom and spirituality. In short, yes, I do consider myself a Modern Mystic! And, I'm thrilled that there's now a community to explore what that means for people. 

Modern Mystic Shop: We'd love to know, do you have a favorite or go-to Modern Mystic Shop product?

Adela Raffa: As far as products, I collect crystals, love sage and attend Sunday School [at the shop] when able.


Listen to Adela at Sunday School at the Modern Mystic: Mind Your Body, Master Your Mind


Connect with Adela Raffa:

Website: www.adelaraffa.com

Email Address: adela@adelaraffa.com

Location: 700 Old Roswell Lakes Pkwy, suite 210, Roswell, GA 30075 and virtual options available

Phone: 678-773-1400

IG handle: @adelaraffa