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Solo Solstice Celebration

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with us and access your connection to Earth's rhythms as we enter this season of prosperity and celebration together. 

Join our events or explore our magically designed products to connect to your ancient wisdom and embrace the harmony of the seasons, just like cultures have done for centuries. Whether you prefer solo celebration or community gatherings, let this Summer Solstice be a time of profound gratitude and meaningful connection as you harness this energy to manifest your desires. 


Phase 1 | Ritual Bath

Begin by letting all resistance melt away as you immerse yourself in a rejuvenating ritual bath with our Summer bath bomb. Feel the tension dissolve as you relax in the tub, imagining all obstacles washing away down the drain. Don't forget to set your intentions for the upcoming season with the clear quartz crystal enclosed within the bath bomb.

Phase 2 | Ritual Tea

Next, with reverence, witness alchemy in real time as you steep our Litha (Summer Solstice) tea. Each sip becomes an act of transformation and purification as you imbibe the energies of these carefully selected botanicals.

Phase 3 | Candle Magick

Perform your ritual by positioning yourself facing east, grasping the Solstice candle firmly in your hand, and visualizing the distant Sun. Sense its potent radiance. Mentally invite the Sun closer, envisioning its descent into your being from the crown of your head to your core, illuminating every inch of your being.

Experience the energy pulsating from your center, extending into your aura with vibrant intensity. With this newfound sense of empowerment and brilliance, inscribe potent affirmations onto the candle that reflect your seasonal intentions.

Once finished, gently place the candle down, ignite a match, and speak aloud: "By the power of 1,000 Suns, it is done." Light the candle, repeating the affirmation thrice.

Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, and fix your gaze upon the flame, envisioning it as the blazing sun. Recite your affirmation repeatedly, embracing the certainty that your desires are already materializing. Immerse yourself in the sensation of fulfillment within your body.

Continue the recitation until you sense complete conviction, allowing the candle to burn uninterrupted if possible. If extinguishing is necessary, relight it at home until it naturally extinguishes.