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Tarot Forecast June 17 - 23

This week brings clarity and purpose. Follow your passions and take calculated risks. Your unique contribution is needed in the world. Share your gifts with us all.

Monday, 6/17  | The Hermit
If you're uncertain, trust that you already possess the answers you seek. You don't need to see the whole picture; focus on the next step ahead. Clarity will come as you move forward.

Tuesday, 6/18 | The Lovers
True contentment lies in inner harmony. Seek balance within yourself, and let the universe guide you towards that feeling of alignment.

Wednesday, 6/19 | The Fool
Embrace courage and take the leap. Fear holds you back, but trust that you're supported by a higher power. Seize the opportunity before you.

Thursday, 6/20 | 10 of Cups
Nurture reciprocal relationships and celebrate the love shared with others. Give generously and cherish those connections.

Friday, 6/21 | King of Wands
Forge ahead confidently in pursuit of your goals. Your unique offerings are valuable and necessary in the world.

Saturday, 6/22 | 8 of Swords
Setbacks offer clarity about your desires. Use them as opportunities to refine your path forward.

Sunday, 6/23 | 2 of Swords
Make decisions with conviction and clarity. Indecision sends mixed signals to the universe. Trust your instincts and commit to your chosen path.

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