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Tarot Forecast June 10 - 16

This week's focus centers on nurturing positive connections and relationships you've cultivated. Your loved ones are eager to connect and are ready to offer support if needed. If there are any lingering resentments, now is an opportune moment to let go of those burdens and work towards rebuilding.

Monday, 6/10 | Four of Cups
Let's play a game today: pretend everything is a gift, even if it seems like it's wrapped in, well, less than desirable wrapping paper. After all, who knows? That turd might just be hiding a diamond ring inside! 

Tuesday, 6/11 | Two of Cups
Send a text, or better yet pick up the phone and call two people you really love. Kindred spirits are rare, and maybe you’ve been neglecting some friends who would be thrilled to hear from you. 

Wednesday, 6/12 | Knight of Pentacles
You know those tedious chores you've been putting off? It's time to tackle them head-on and cross them off your list. Try to find significance in the everyday by assigning a higher purpose to these tasks.

Thursday, 6/13 | Three of Pentacles
If you’ve been going at things alone, it’s time to stop and bring in support. There are people willing and able to pitch in, they just need an invitation. 

Friday, 6/14 | Three of Swords
If you're hurting, it's wise to release any resentments, or at least the narrative attached to them. Clinging to the situation only prolongs the pain and doesn't help resolve the underlying problem.

Saturday, 6/15 | The Lovers
Allow the harmonious energy the day has to bring to wash over you and your relationships. It’s easy to see what you love in those around you, to take that in and let folks know how much they mean to you. 

Sunday, 6/16 | Queen of Swords
Allocate some time to organize your week. Investing a bit of effort upfront can prevent time-wasting and frustration in the days ahead.

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