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Tarot Forecast June 3 - 9

This week try to view life through the lens of optimism and emotional balance. Any issues that arise can be remedied by consciously reframing the scenarios from a more positive perspective. 

Monday, 6/3 – The Fool
Embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. Seek out silver linings and bask in the glow of optimism and hope. While you may not dictate every aspect of your life, you control your perspective and the narrative you weave from your experiences. Since you're going to craft a story regardless, why not infuse it with optimism?

Tuesday, 6/4 - 8 of Wands
Embrace the momentum presenting itself by saying, “Yes!” to opportunities coming your way. While change may arrive swiftly, it's a welcome catalyst for action. The wind is at your back. Take advantage of it!

Wednesday, 6/5 - King of Cups
Maintain emotional composure today, remaining steady regardless of the challenges that arise. Embrace your self-mastery and strive to embody the ideal version of yourself. Others are observing your reactions, poised to follow your example.

Thursday, 6/6 - Four of Cups
You might find yourself fixating on what isn't going according to plan, rather than considering the bigger picture. Dwelling on scarcity won't lead you to positive outcomes. Pause for a moment to reframe your perspective on your current situation, and discover how it might actually be aligning in your favor.

Friday, 6/7 - 7 of Swords
Be mindful of potential deception or dishonesty, whether from others or within yourself and approach situations with clear-eyed discernment and integrity. 

Saturday, 6/8 - 4 of Pentacles
If you find yourself holding on tightly to something at this moment, it indicates a preference for control and stability over trust in yourself and others. Is there a balanced approach you can take, where you feel secure yet not overly controlling? Alternatively, consider relinquishing control altogether and allowing destiny to guide your path.

Sunday, 6/9 - Knight of Cups
Indulge in your romantic side today. If you're in a relationship, enhance the romance with heartfelt gestures and expressions. If you're single, treat yourself to some self-love or create room for romantic possibilities to flourish in your life.

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