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The Best Self Help Book Ever

I’m a self help snob. I’ve read all the books, went to the workshops, had the coaches, therapists, healers, psychics, group courses, retreats, year long programs all under my belt. 

After all the work I’ve done, and continue to do, I can say with certainty The Origins of You is the single best self help book I’ve ever experienced. I specifically chose the word experienced instead of read because you immerse yourself into the practices of this book.

I learned new concepts and was guided on how to apply them to heal core wounds that I never knew how to name. It was easy to understand and deepened my connection with myself as an adult and my younger selves along the way.

If you’re looking to understand yourself and have the drive to heal formative wounds, this is the only book you’d need to do a lifetime’s worth of foundational healing.

Signed, Kelley Knight

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