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Card Spread for a Relationship Check In

Card Spread to Peep on Your Crush

It’s easy to want to know what your partner or crush is thinking about you and your relationship, but using tarot to do so is a little sneaky. We find it best to relate all readings towards yourself or the person receiving your reading.

This spread is an easy way to get a lay of the land without crossing ethical boundaries that would break trust. You can use tarot or oracle cards for this spread!

Card 1 (Both), Card 2 (You), and Card 3 (Them)

This represents the alchemy of you and your partner together. You’re coffee and they’re cream and the combined flavor is similar to the idea of the joint energy.

This depicts what you’re currently contributing to the equation. 

This illustrates what they’re currently contributing.

Do your best to read this spread as an entire picture. It could be that you’re bringing something sour, but because your partner isn’t jointly the energy works. 

Another way you can use this same spread is to forecast long term potential. The cards are in the same position, but the intention is to peek into the future as opposed to what’s happening right now. The “future” is defined as the most probable outcome based on the current momentum in your life. It’s not fixed. If you don’t like that outcome you can read on to gain more insight into gaining deeper information.

If the spread is painting a picture that you don’t prefer, pull three more cards and ask: what steps can I take to make the energy more positive? Then, read those cards as a sequence of advice to better the relationship or situation.

Don’t overdo it. When we get caught up in feelings people can pull over and over again. Do this once and walk away. You can also use these spreads of any relationship!

Are you too close to a situation and need some advice? Our readers are available for in person readings in Atlanta and online daily if you could use some professional guidance. Book an appointment here!