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Let’s shed the winter woes and dive into the tarot forecast for your zodiac sign! 

To gain even deeper insight, feel free to watch the segment for your Moon and Rising signs as well! When you listen through the lens of your Moon, see how the message would speak to your emotional self. For the Rising sign, the reading will impact how you are viewed by the world.


See what the cards have in store for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for February 2024:

Collective: 0:33
Pisces: 2:20 

Aries: 4:05 

Taurus: 5:30

Gemini: 7:27

Cancer: 8:38

Leo: 10:12

Virgo: 11:45

Libra: 13:40

Scorpio: 15:57

Sagittarius: 18:45

Capricorn: 20:25

Aquarius: 22:08