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Crystals For Meditation

Connecting with crystals can be a deeply soothing experience. Their steady, healing energies can work with your personal aura and create a deeper level of peace. We’ve matched the perfect crystal for each track of our meditation album Modern Mystic Meditations: Volume One to take your practice deeper.

Present Moment Meditation

Is well matched with selenite. While accessing the present moment, this crystal ally removes energetic blocks and interference so you can connect with your higher self with ease. 

Chakra Balance Meditation

Pairs perfectly with fluorite. Both the meditation and the crystal allow you to set each energy center to its perfect level of openness for the day.

Lotus Flower Meditation 

Matches with amethyst. This meditation is perfect for those times when you need soothing, loving support from your guides in order to feel calm. Amethyst aids in the connection and quells anxious tendencies. 

The Watcher's Call 

Guides the listener on how to invite archangels to create a protective circle of balanced energy. Celestite resonates with the frequency of celestial spirits such as angels, making it easier to make contact. Black tourmaline is also a great pairing as it grounds and protects those who work with it. To use them both, place celestite in your left hand and black tourmaline in your right hand for maximum benefit. 

The Mini Mystic Crystal collection contains all of the crystals mentioned above as the perfect compliment to Modern Mystic Meditations.

Products to feature: Mediation Album, Mini Mystic Kit and larger versions of each crystal.